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Same Different House

The clients, a unique family with a blend of quirks, consist of a father who is a psychologist and writer, a mother who is a carpenter, their younger children, and their eldest son, who has special needs. Their 18th-century farmhouse features outdoor play structures, a solar farm, a pool, and a patio for outdoor gatherings.
As their eldest son grows, the family envisions expanding their home to provide him with a more independent space. They aim to build a dedicated living area tailored to his requirements, alongside a recreation space for role-playing games. Their extensive collection of comic books and trinkets adds character to the room.
This design integrates two new structures into the old farmhouse while complementing the aesthetic of 18th-century architecture. The exterior pays homage to and harmonizes with the traditional design while presenting a fresh look in terms of massing and materiality.
Within the family recreation space, the interior design echoes the essence of an archival space, showcasing the family's collectibles in an open layout with connections to the outdoors. The son's living space is designed to cater to his sensitivities and needs, creating an atmosphere of comfort.

Location: Norfolk, Massachusetts
Program: Addition and landscape design
Size: 1,866 SF
Status: 2022, Ongoing

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