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Fagerstrand is currently evolving in response to post-industrial phenomena and the climate crisis. Efforts are required across society to meet regional environmental goals. The proposed vision aims to establish an equitable foundation of intergenerational ecological literacy rooted in its heritage, existing identity, and future ambitions. It suggests an infrastructure and economic engine that operates on local resource flows and awareness. Mobility principles are implemented to connect disparate districts. Promoting respect and care for the landscape in daily life can enhance cultural identity, self-sufficiency, and leisure. Encouraging reconciliation of human and non-human coexistence, Fagerstrand looks forward to leading as a sustainable and living forest-village vanguard.

Incorporating repurposed silos, the project integrates resource loops, such as hydroponic and mushroom farms, supporting a circular economy and local food culture. Each zone harnesses nature to redefine local economy, daily life, and education.

Location: Fagerstrand, Norway
Program: City Planning & Urban Design
Status: 2021, Europan 16 Competition
Team: Mahla Ebrahimpour, Agneiszka Lula, Nathaniel Carden, Yuan Lin

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